DIY Herb Dryer

I plant edible flowers and herbs interspersed in the ornamentals (there are hardly any ornamentals you can’t eat) in the landscape.  Especially in this arid place, drying leafy things is a snap!  Usually I can dry almost anything on window screens supported by saw horses.  You make a sandwich of screens and 1 layer of herb or green and voila!

The problem is sometimes it rains and most people live in humid areas.  DSCN2469 I find these baskets at thrift stores, or dollar stores.  They usually cost a dollar or two.  You can never have enough. If you only have two baskets, be sure to cover your herbs like a clam shell in order to protect them from sunlight, dust, and moisture.  You see in the picture below, you can stack them vertically: DSCN2475

If you live in a humid, or cloudy place-no problem! You can use your car as a convection oven!  I’ve dried apricot halves on my dashboard during a road trip before, using the smaller wicker paper plate holders.DSCN2476 With herbs, you also get a potpourri air freshener!










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